How to Obtain Togaf Certification Training

Several vendors offer togaf training and certification courses. These courses are designed to review the concepts applicable to architecture in business environments. Aspiring architects and those with practical experience under their belts can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the field. Simplilearn is one of the vendors that provides togaf certification that focuses on the core concepts.

Those who wish to obtain certification can choose to receive live, classroom-based training prior to taking the exam. Although this option is more expensive, it can be more suitable than the self-paced online training. Those who have little practical experience and less exposure to the fundamental concepts of architectural design will benefit the most from live instruction.

The courses forĀ togaf certification questions include two separate levels. When participants engage in the learning materials in level one, they learn the basics of architectural design. Participants also learn what is known as the foundation. This means they explore the basics and become familiar with the knowledge they need to succeed in their jobs. An analogy to this level of certification would be the core classes each college student has to take in his or her respective major. These classes contain broad, core functional knowledge students will later encounter in the work environments of their chosen career. For instance, a business major needs an overview of information technology, marketing, finance, management and accounting.


The second level of certification is known as “certified”. This means participants have been able to demonstrate mastery and competency of the concepts they learned in level one. Participants demonstrate this mastery by passing rigorous exams that must be reviewed and validated by accredited certification staff. Exam material is developed and selected by professionals in the field and accredited certification companies. It is possible that, in the future, additional levels of certification will be mandatory according to the evolving needs of the architectural field and market.

Togaf stands for The Open Group Architectural Framework. The current certification program is 9.1 and is offered by numerous third party vendors. Those who wish to become togaf certified can choose the vendor of their liking. They can also choose whether to take the required coursework online or in person. Participants who are comfortable with self-directed learning and have current field exposure in architectural design may find that the self-paced option is more advantageous. Those who wish to seek certification will also want to check to see if there are any prerequisites for the course before signing up.